Monday, April 11, 2016

New Link to SA Instablog

SeekingAlpha has done another makeover. 

The link to my Instablog has changed to South Gent's Social feed | Seeking Alpha

The only improvement IMO is that stock symbol links to prior discussions can now be found on that start page.  

I left a comment at the new start page which was turned into gibberish when I clicked the post button. For now, the only comment boxes that works properly are the ones found on the full version of each post.

The other changes are viewed negatively including the removal of the google search box that allowed me to search my own Instablog.

New comments are no longer listed at the top of the Instablog start page. It is only when the investor opens a single Instablog that the comments appear with the newest first.

Instead, the blog that received the last comment is now in first position, no matter when it was published, and the user has to scroll to the end to find whatever comment was made.