Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Notice Filed for Redemption of Trust Certificate DKF

I noticed a few minutes ago, while rummaging through my ROTH IRA account, that the TC DKF has the letters "CL" after it.  I checked with the wire services and did confirm that the owner of the call warrant had exercised its option to redeem DKF at its $25 par value plus accrued interest on May 17, 2011.  Structured Asset Trust Unit Repackagings (SATURNS) Series 2002-15 Trust Receipt of Notice of Intent to Exercise Call Options in Full

 I noted that this TC was vulnerable to a call when I bought 50 shares recently in a taxable account. Item # 1  Bought 50 DKF at $25.52  ("DKF is vulnerable to a call at par value, plus accrued interest, by the owner of the call warrant attached to the TC.")  I will take a small loss on the shares but that loss will be partially offset by the accrued interest payment.

I will make over $200 on the 100 shares held in the Roth IRA, due solely to the profit on the shares bought at $20 in March 2009: 

The price action on the day of my last purchase was consistent with some investors having advanced notice of a potential call.   I have lost a large number of bonds to calls by the owner of the call warrant, far more than by the issuer of the bond.  

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