Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Closed End Fund Portfolio as of 5/8/13

I will post a table containing my closed end funds about every three or four months. Some long time readers are interested in this portfolio within a portfolio. 

Prices are as of today's close. 

The CEF portfolio owns both bond and stock CEFs, foreign and domestic. It is a balanced world portfolio. The primary purpose is to generate a continuous flow of income, preferably on a monthly basis, and secondarily to achieve some capital appreciation. 

The portfolio does contain some changes from the prior table published in January 2013: Stocks, Bonds & Politics: Table Update for Closed End Fund Portfolio-As of 1/17/13 In that prior table, I forgot to include the bond CEF BTZ. I have now included the position existing before that last update and the 200 shares bought since January 2013: Bought 200 of the Bond CEF BTZ at $13.96-Regular IRA March 2013 

I have eliminated a few positions (e.g. FUND, APF).  

For SGL, I reinitiated recently a 100 share position in an IRA. Bought Back 100 SGL at $10.57-Roth IRA May 2013 I have subsequently added 200 more in a taxable account which will be briefly discussed in the next weekly post. 

I reinitiated a small position in the bond CEF GDO after eliminating a much large position profitably.  Bought 100 GDO at $19.8 April 2013Bought Back GDO at $19.95-Roth IRA March 2013 

I started a new position in the short term junk bond CEF GHY: Bought 50 of the Bond CEF GHY at $18.77-Roth IRAAdded 50 GHY at $18.55 April 2013 

I added 100 shares to the Canadian Stock CEF CGI:TO. Added 100 of the Canadian Stock CEF CGI at C$16.0 

I added a small lot to the stock CEF SWZ. Added 50 SWZ at $12.22 April 2013 

I added 50 shares of the world bond CEF FAM. Bought 50 FAM at $17.51 April 2013 

These changes are what I would call nip and tuck. 

Some positions have grown due to dividend reinvestments.

Click to Enlarge:

(Added: I forgot to add to this table the last 50 share purchase of SWZ; and I continue to forget to add 50 of CET, both errors have now been corrected).

I am in a hyper trading mode for bond CEFs due to my opinion that the FED has created artificially low interest rates through its abnormal monetary policies.

This is a partial list of just the GDO trades:

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