Friday, February 14, 2014

Update for CEF Portfolio as of 2/14/14

I will update my CEF portfolio once every three or four months. 

The last update was in October 2013: Stocks, Bonds & Politics: CEF Portfolio as of 10/25/13

This table includes a recent GDO add at $18.06 which will be discussed in a subsequent weekly post.

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CEF Portfolio as of 2/14/14

The CEF portfolio is a portfolio within a portfolio. It is a balanced world portfolio that focuses on income generation with capital appreciation being a secondary objective. I have eliminated several buy-write stock funds due to underperformance. 

For some of these CEFs, I hold positions in two or even three accounts and will vary the reinvestment option by accounts. I have started to reinvest all dividends paid by bond CEFs, other than VGI, due to their abnormally large discounts by historical standards. Vanguard does not permit reinvestment of the VGI dividend.  

For DPG, I am reinvesting only the dividends for the 100 shares bought in the Roth IRA. 

I have reinvested all dividends paid by SWZ since I first purchased shares.   

I have taken several snapshots of purchases made with year end distributions:




Additions Since Last Update: 

100 GDO To Be Discussed in 2/24/14 Post

Bought: 50 STK at $14.38 (January 2014)

Bought:  100 IAE at $13.02 (November 2013)

Deletions Since Last Update: 

Sold 307+NPI at $13.1 (February 2014)

Sold 100 IGI at $20.2 (December 2013)

Sold: 200 GDV at $21.03 (November 2013)($1,393.8 realized gain, see snapshot)

Sold 301+ WIW at $11.72 (November 2013)

Bought: 200 NMO at $12.02, 300 MIN at $5.24 (October 2013)(Later Sold NMO)

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