Friday, March 14, 2014

Canadian Basket as of 3/14/14

I thought that it would be helpful to publish a table showing my Canadian securities bought with CADs on the Toronto stock exchange. Except for Opta Minerals, this portfolio is designed to generate income with some appreciation potential. Most of these securities, including all of the REITs, pay monthly dividends.

All dividends are paid in Canadian dollars after a 15% withholding tax. I received the Artis monthly dividend today:

In this particular basket, I own some Canadian ETFs and one CEF selling at a large discount to its net asset value per share. 

The CEF is Canadian General Investments that closed today at C$18.07 with a net asset value per share of C$26.29, creating a -31.27% discount to net asset value per share. Morgan Meighen & Associates

I have not yet discussed two of the REITs. One of them, Dundee International, will be discussed in Monday's post. The yield at my purchase price is about 8.62%. The other REIT is Temple Hotels which will not be discussed until the following week's post. The yield at my purchase price is around 9.23%. 

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CAD Basket as of 3/14/14
3/14/14 Closing Prices:
S & P 500 1,841.13 -5.21 (-0.28%)
EWC: 29.13 -0.15 (-0.51%) : iShares MSCI Canada Index Fund
CAD Portfolio: +.06% (showing modest negative correlation)

This list does not include Canadian ADRs that I own such as SU and CNQ and the ETF ENY.

Links to REIT Purchases: 

Links to CEF Purchases:

Bought 300 of the Canadian ETF XTR:CA at 12.27 CADs-Toronto Exchange-iShares Diversified Monthly Income Fund Fund

Bought 100 CDZ:CA at $21.26 CAD-iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index Fund 

Bought 200 XDV at C$22.21-iShares Dow Jones Canada Select Dividend Index Fund


Bought: 100 ENF:CA at C$23

I took a snapshot of my ERF.TO position as of 3/14/14:

I will be gradually deploying existing CADs and CAD cash flow into more securities that generate income in CADs, creating a compounding effect over time along with hoped for trading profits.

Snapshots of Trades at the end of this Post: Stocks, Bonds & Politics: Canadian Dollar (CAD) Strategy

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