Saturday, February 28, 2015

SA Instablog Published Discussing Aegon (AEG) Add

I published an SA Instablog earlier today discussing yesterday's purchase of 150 AEG shares. 

I was concerned that a SA commenter, who goes by the name SDS, might report me again to the SA police. Just kidding here. 

His troll like nonsensical assertions, made without an iota of factual justification,  included a claim that I was falsely categorizing a discussion of a dividend paying stock in SA's "Income Investing" category and that my posts were "spam" and some kind of "push scheme" since I was discussing "obscure dividend stocks", which was a reference to two of the largest banks in the world whose dividend yields were far higher than the S & P 500 average.  

Actually, I believe that it is SA that put that category on my Instablogs when they made the decision to publish one as an article. 

I am sporadically writing another post for publication here but I am spending more time watching House of Cards released yesterday by Netflix.

Link to my Response to SDS:

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