Thursday, April 30, 2015

AT & T SA Instablog Published as an Article

I have given SeekingAlpha permission to published my Instablogs as articles without payment of any compensation to me. 

A frequent criticism of my blogs here and at SA is their length and wordiness. Mr. Oregon Man has expressed that sentiment here more than once. 

So it is not surprising that the first four readers comments were not complimentary.  

Admittedly, I have a tendency to cover a subject with factual details; and my posts are not for the Twitter Generation who wants everything condescend to a few words. A proper analysis can not be done in a manner to suit them,  and I am only summarizing some of the main bullet points.  

The focus of that article is more on how AT & T's stock fits into my financial goals and needs. The answer to that issue is not very well. The stock has some bond characteristics, yielding now more than AT & T's long term debt as noted in the article, and that was the primary reason for buying a 30 share lot in the ROTH IRA.  

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