Sunday, May 3, 2015

Published an SA Instablog re: Added to BANC at $12.4;

I am not sure why I am fooling with SA Instablogs. I am not sure why I am writing here either. 

SA readers pepper me with personal critiques as my reward for the time and effort consumed in writing a post.

Needless to say, I am not writing the posts for my own edification or to generate income since I receive zilch. I do not need instruction from myself, or I at least hope that is a fair statement, nor have I ever received a penny for writing anything here or at SeekingAlpha.

I have been accused at SA by one commenter of fomenting a "pump and dump" scheme by discussing a 50 ADR share purchase of one of the largest financial institutions in the world. I have been accused of being mentally deranged and worse. I was even accused of manufacturing the snapshot of a 30 share purchase of GE. A commenter felt obliged to make their first ever comment at SA making that accusation, claiming that there were no trades at the price shown in the snapshot. I pointed out that every major financial service including Yahoo Finance had my executed price within the price range that day. 

A more common complaint, appearing virtually daily now, is that my writing is too hard to read. Why? Just way too many details and facts which caused one reader to  just throw up  and to develop a headache, the kind of pithy comment that received 13 likes so far at Seeking Alpha.  

Maybe I will be sued for causing those physical ailments. Those kind of comments thrown at me pass muster with SA's moderator who was offended by my comment, where I made fun of my own inability to learn a foreign language after five years in response to a comment made by a non-native English speaker in the same article as several snarky comments with no substantive content was hurled remain present and viewed as completely acceptable.  

I may reach the point soon where I cease all public writing, maybe after I publish a couple of pending posts, without warning to anyone I will just quit trying to help investors with less experience become better at it. I am already far beyond thoroughly disgusted. Once that decision is made, it will be irreversible. I certainly have no need for further aggravation at my age. 

So if you do not see another blog post after Tuesday this week, the reason will be that the posts have stopped forever.