Thursday, July 28, 2016

Update for Equity REIT Basket Strategy as of 7/28/16

The easiest way to track what I am doing or saying is to become a follower at SeekingAlpha and to check the "track new comments" box at the end of each Instablog. 

I was somewhat taken back when I looked at the rankings for SA Instablog authors and noted several authors who are using the Instablog format to sell subscriptions.  Top Instablogs | Seeking Alpha (e.g. Superinvestor Bulletin's Instablogs | Seeking Alpha).  I receive zilch and I am not trying to sell myself or anything else.  

Several of these Instablog advertisements are scattered throughout the SA Instablog universe and provide no useful or meaningful information IMO. They are exactly what they appear to be: advertisements for a subscription service. 

Then there are those that could fill a Twitter message with a few more words. No one has ever accused me of such brevity.  Nothing informative about an investment can be put in a 140 word narrative but those Twitter Want-To-Be Instablogs are not likely to lose anyones short, and growing shorter, attention span.  I read several of them this evening for the first time

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