Thursday, March 19, 2009


What I am about to say only makes sense to Mr. Left Brain and is a tad nerdy. I mentioned in a prior post that I was going to eliminate my holding of INZ (an ING preferred stock)  in a taxable account and then keep my position in a retirement account.    Buy 50 LXPPRD, Bought PG/ Lexington Realty/Outrage at AIG/   Instead of doing that, I decided to perform one of my risk reduction techniques on the position in the taxable account.  I just sold 50 of INZ at $8.90 in the taxable account and will keep the lower cost shares purchased in February in a risk reduction move, similar to what I did last quarter for the same security.  In the 4th quarter of last year, I first bought 50 at 10 and change and then bought the fifty on 10/08/08 that I just sold at 7.84.   Then, when INZ spiked to over 14, I sold my higher cost shares using FIFO accounting, and kept the lower cost shares bought in October at $7.84.   Now I have sold those shares bought at $7.84 and will keep the ones bought at $6.52.  I have also collected a few good quarterly dividends along the way at very good yields.  I will keep the shares of INZ and ISF in my retirement account for now. This is the history of this risk reduction technique for this one security in a taxable account in descending chronological order:
So, I have made a profit on my two sales on INZ, with the one last year being larger than the second transaction, collected a few dividends, and now own shares bought at $6.52.  Those shares produce a yield of close to 27% and I am already well into playing with the house's money on this security.  I was trading that security profitably before starting this blog in October of last year.   In the event INZ suffers another meltdown, and falls significantly below my last purchase, then I will consider buying back the shares just so sold.  That is how this one risk reduction technique works. (I also own 200 of IND)

I thought that this article was worth a read.   MarketWatch


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