Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More on AIG's Masters of Disaster: Remember Korematsu?/Cramer Mad Money or Just Mad?/Adobe/

Adobe said today that it saw stability in February.  Earnings for the last quarter hit Adobe's guidance from earlier this month.  MarketWatch
I have a small position. 

I can not explain why I watch Cramer for as long as I can stand it.  Previously, I had discussed his inane efforts to link Obama's budget proposal to the market's fall.  Today, he was trying to say the market's rise was due to Obama becoming friendly to business, and he complimented himself on how courageous he was for saying something like Obama was the greatest wealth destroyer in history or some similar asinine comment.   The markets rise over the past few days and its fall during Cramer's earlier tirade had nothing to do with Obama.  Instead, the earlier fall was tied to more adverse news about bailouts of major financial institutions, and the worsening unemployment numbers whereas the recent rally was directly tied to some signs of an economy possibly finding a bottom or maybe the market was just ready to pounce on any positive data after being oversold.  Merrill Lynch Lost over 27 Billion in 2008 & Paid 10 People 209 Million/GE/Prudential Bonds/USPH/Aegon & ING Preferred Meltdowns
I would add that the President made arguments today for the adoption of his budget and the market rallied.NYTimes.com

So, there is a resolution of sorts to the AIG bonus mess.  AIG is going to pay Uncle Sam back the 165 million paid in bonuses, and Uncle Sam will deduct that amount from the 30 billion it is about to give AIG  MarketWatchIs everybody happy now?   I not exactly sure that I understand that deal.  Is AIG paying Uncle Sam back with Uncle Sam's own money?  

Whatever, maybe now I can garner more support for my proposal to round up all of the Masters of Disaster for the good of the Nation and send them all to internment camps before they bring down civilization as we know it and becoming multi-millionaires in the process.  Now, I know that some would say that can not possibly be constitutional but I have already researched the issue.  Really, were Japanese Americans a threat to national security during WWII? A grave injustice was done to them and the Supreme Court upheld their seizure and forcible detention. Korematsu v. United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Masters of Disasters are clearly a threat to the nation's interests.  See, I cover all of the bases.  Response to Inquiry about Constitutional Issues about Relocating the SUV Capital To Mississippi 

I am kidding about this I think, though I am not 100%, entirely sure about that, but Mr. Right Brain thought that it was a good idea.   

I think that I know half of the 19% that give Rush a favorable rating.   In fact, I will swear that they also still have W stickers on their bumpers and believe that Sarah would have made a better President than Abraham Lincoln. 

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