Saturday, September 19, 2009

LONG TERM SECULAR BULL PATTERN 1950 TO 1966/ Long Term Secular Bear Pattern from The Great Depression

The bear pattern from the Great Depression is just longer than a normal bear pattern, as shown in the first chart above.

The secular bull market chart goes with the discussion in the prior post: More on 1982 or 1974/Barclays Raises GDP Forecast/ Zions It shows the long term secular bull market which started before 1950 and ended in 1966 under the definitions that I use. Within that bull pattern, there can be some nasty corrections but they are of relatively short duration, whereupon the bull pattern reasserts itself and the averages move to new highs. The 1950 to 1966 pattern will look similar when the reader compares it to the 1982 to 1997 pattern shown in the prior post.

This ends for now the discussion of secular bull and bear patterns that I began last Friday with this post: 1974 or 1982: Start of Cyclical Bull in a Long Term Secular Bear Market or the Start of Secular Bull Market?/Zions/

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