Saturday, October 26, 2013

CEF Portfolio as of 10/25/13

I last published this table in July Stocks, Bonds & Politics: CEF Portfolio as of 7/22/13.

I have attempted to reflect additions and subtractions since that time in this table: 

CEF Portfolio as of 10/25/13

For some positions, this is time consuming since a position may be held in more than one account. I have made an effort to include shares purchased with reinvested dividends. 

The July update failed to include the balanced fund ZTR: Bought 100 ZTR at $12.82-ROTH IRA (7/6/13 Post); Bought 200 ZTR at $12.835 (3/12/13 Post)

The CEF Portfolio is viewed as a portfolio within a portfolio. The CEF Portfolio will be a balanced one, with some international exposure.  

The emphasis in this portfolio is income. A number of the owned CEFs pay monthly dividends. 

Over the past few weeks, I have reduced my stock allocation and increased my bond exposure. With the recent rally in bonds, I may soon eliminate one bond fund and possibly pare one or two more. I will constantly shift the stock and bond allocation up and down based on my opinions about relative valuations, along with other considerations including the amount of income and/or profit generation. 

Stock CEF dispositions since 7/22/13 include the following: 

Sold 107+ GAM at $34.44 (10/19/13 Post)

Sold 201+ MSF at $15.62 (10/14/13 Post)

Sold 283 IGR at $7.89+ (8/24/13 Post)

Sold 505+ RVT at $15.89 (8/3/13 Post)

The only stock CEF addition is

I added the following bond and/or "preferred" security CEFs: 

Bought 50 BWG at $16.68 (10/3/13 Post)

Added 50 BTZ at $12.35 (8/31/13 Post)

Bought 300 WIW at $11.44 (8/31/13 Post)

Added 50 NPI at $12.45 (7/27/13 Post)

I added the following balanced CEFs:

Added 100 CSQ at $10.18 (8/17/13 Post)

I will discuss a recent 200 share purchase of the municipal bond CEF NMO in next Saturday's post along with a 300 share add to an existing CEF bond fund MIN purchased last week at $5.24. Those shares are included in the preceding table.

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