Saturday, October 19, 2013

Updated Stock Fund Table as of 10/18/13

This is my second post today.

Headknocker wanted an approximate dollar estimate of the stock pare since 6/6/13. It turned out to be less than I expected when I netted stock fund buys and sells with a net dollar addition in individual common stocks. The common stock purchases were mostly dividend paying blue chips, Canadian REITs and BDC adds.

The approximate stock allocation reduction since 6/6/13 was $27,988. Before 9/30/13, my additions and reductions just about netted out.

The last stock fund table was published in June: Updated Stock Fund Table as of 6/6/2013

Since that last post, I have reduced my stock allocation some by selling mostly low yielding stock ETFs during October. Most of the prior CEF reductions paid decent dividends. 

Stock Fund Tables as of 10/18/13:

I wanted to get an idea of my net stock allocation reduction since I last updated the stock tables in June.

To accomplish that task, I just went through my posts and pulled sells and buys of greater than $1,000 and included a few less than $1,000 when they were discussed in a post with one or more larger transactions. The number would not be exact since there would be a number of small buys and sells that are not included in the following tabulation. I am assuming that they would roughly offset one another.

On a net basis, I have reduced my stock allocation by about $27,988 since by last stock fund table update. While the stock fund allocation was reduced by a net of $39,896, I had a net addition of individual stocks with adds like Unilever, Pfizer, Husky, three Canadian REITs, three BDC adds and Royal Dutch. 

Stock ETFs and CEFs sold since last update ($1,000+):

Sold 201+ MSF at $15.62 (October 2013)

Sold 65 VWO at $41.75 (October 2013)

Sold 100 EWM at $16.01 (September 2013)

Sold 283 IGR at $7.89+ (August 2013)

Approximate Reduction: -$49,807

The adds of an ETN, CEF, ETF or mutual funds were as follows:

Approximate Addition: +$9,911

I added the following individual common stocks since my last stock fund update, including only purchases using more than $1,000:

Bought 50 AMNB at $21.16 (September 2013)

Bought 100 PFE at $28.7 (August 2013)

Added 100 PSEC at $10.85 (August 2013)

Bought 100 NMFC at $14.28/ADDED 50 RDS/A AT $65.99 (June 2013)

Approximate Addition: $29,667

The most significant individual stock dispositions (mostly greater than $1,000) were as follows:

Sold:  100 PBA at $33.19 (October 2013)

Sold 100 LBAI at $11.04 (October 2013)

Sold 100 PBCT at $14.61 (September 2013)

Sold 151+ WBCO at $15 (August 2013)

Sold 100 LF at $10.01 (June 2013)

Approximate Reduction: $17,769


Gross Reductions: $67,576
Gross Additions: $39,588
Net Reduction: -$27,988

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