Friday, January 13, 2017

Laws of Gravity-Infamous Stringdusters

Last Autumn, my nephew Andy Hall, who plays Dobro for the The Infamous Stringdusters, was in Nashville for about a day as the group recorded their latest album. Accomplished musicians can quickly record an album since there is no material difference between a live performance and a studio album. 

The new album is called Laws of Gravity and it can be purchased at the band's website or over the internet at Music or at Apple Music.


  1. Congratulations! I assume you get complementary tickets when they are playing...

    Right now utube is rotating for me and not playing... so no other thought to add.

    Is it your taste in music? I can't play very well at all. I can't imagine making a living at it.

    1. LMH: Professional musicians are drawn to music at early ages and are mostly self taught.

      Andy first started to play the guitar and then transitioned to the Dobro which is probably a harder instrument to play at a high level. He graduated from Boston's Berklee College of Music. To my knowledge, he has never held a 9 to 5 job and has never wanted to do anything other than what he doing now.

      I would never ask for a complimentary ticket. Their next appearance in Nashville will be at the Ryman and the ticket cost is $29.95:

      My Nephew knows generally my financial status and would wonder why I needed to ask for financial assistance to attend a show.

      While their music is generally classified under the "bluegrass label", I would call it a blend of progressive bluegrass, country, rock and R & B. The music is as fast paced as any rock band IMO.

  2. By posting this it gets follow up comments to come to an address I can check easily. No need to post this :).

  3. Hadn't thought about that - about your finances and complementary tickets.

    Bluegrass can be great. It won't chart as often the way straight rock does, but can have a good following, and work for making a living. Takes a talent I just don't have, :).

    Are there any music related stocks that are worth a look?

    Geeze, apparently it's going to make me sign in every time I want to post. Computers - can't live with them, can't live without them.

  4. LMH: The major record labels and music publishing companies are part of conglomerates like Time Warner, Sony and Vivendi.

    TW may be acquired by AT & T but that could be scuttled by regulators.

    Only Vivendi, which now owns the Universal Music Group,
    would be on my list for a potential buy. The ADR trades on the
    U.S. pink sheet exchange.

    The dividend yield is high.

    Maybe I need to write more about French stocks. Google counts the page views in this blog and provides the country of origin.

    Page Views over the Past Week:
    Entry Pageviews

    France 2945
    United States 2748
    Ukraine 156
    Germany 23
    China 22
    Poland 21
    Latvia 16
    Egypt 13
    Spain 11
    South Korea 11

    The other music related publicly traded stocks are not on my consider to buy list and would include names like Pandora (P), Live Nation (LYV) and Sirius (SIRI). Of those, Live Nation is probably the most attractive longer term. The others have a tendency to crater in price.

    For those who like the Grateful Dead, the Dusters cover "He's Gone" can be found here:

  5. Well, thank you :). SIRI got wind that I bought a car that can get Sirius. Sooo many mails flyers. Tells me they aren't doing great (or word of mouth would do more for them.) So Live Nation is the one to research.

    That's quite interesting. French views? Specific to your blog? You're getting a lot of views, even if you rule out a few accidentals.