Monday, December 14, 2009


1. Bought BRK/B at 3,298 (see Disclaimer): LB is not even going to explain this one. Besides, LB is busy right now on more important matters than stock trades. The very first trade made by the RB, as the new Head Trader, was to buy back the baby Berkshire shares sold by the wise and unheralded LB a few weeks ago at a lower price. Item # 7 SOLD BABY BERKSHIRE SHARES/ While the LB likes Uncle Warren's approach to investing, the LB is a trader at its core, unlike Warren, and sees no reason to apologize to the RB for selling those shares at $2994, after all the LB generated a $350 quick profit with that trade in the baby Berkshire shares. And it was just gravy for the LB that this sell sent the RB into orbit, which almost brings a smile to the LB, as the RB resorts to its usual name calling, but RB went too far after LB sold the BRK/B, referring to the LB as the Old Geezer, which was really insulting to the LB. After all the LB is a Young Stock Stud with a lot of hair and no body fat, a lot of muscle, capable of running a mile without taking a deep breath, a fine specimen of the male gender in short. The OG is just an embarrassment to the LB.

BRK/B is too well known to explain. Those shares will split 50 to 1. This split is linked to the Burlington Northern acquisition.

This is a link to the website, and the OG always reads Uncle Warren's letters: Shareholder Letters

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