Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Added 6:30 P.M 3/31: The WSJ dividend page does show MKN going ex interest tomorrow, April 1st, with a $1.8006 interest payment per share (top of the page). So YF was signaling the wrong information today.

The first annual period for MKN closed yesterday. It is possible that the security is ex interest today for its annual payment, judging by the fact that is up $1.45 to $11. MKN: Summary for Citigroup Inc. Principal Protected Notes. In any event, the payment will be made on April 7th which is next Wednesday. Since the percentage increase in the commodity index was greater than the guarantee of 3%, and there was no closing price during the annual period which exceeded the maximum, the interest payable for the first annual period will be the percentage increase in the commodity index from the starting value of 112.43. Item # 6 Bought 100 MKN at 9.85 Pricing Supplement No. 2009- I do not have access to a Bloomberg terminal so I can only use the closing price for the DJ UBS Commodity index given at the for March 30, 2010. This will be subject to further check, but the number shown is 132.67. That number would also be the starting value for the next annual period. The percentage increased based on that closing value would be 18%. Okay, that works for me. If my calculations are correct, I will receive $180 on 4/7 for my 100 shares of MKN as an annual interest payment on its $10 par value.

If anyone sees an error please let me know. If I receive some sum more or less than that $180, I will need to check my computations, which would not be unusual for an OG who is mathematically challenged and who decided to attend Tulane in 1969 due solely to that school's then existing policy of allowing students to substitute philosophy for calculus.

Added 12:30 P. M. 3/31: The Fidelity detailed quote page does not agree with the percentage change shown at Yahoo Finance for MKN today. The Fidelity page shows ex dividend on 4/1/2010 and a 12 cent decline today. It also shows the penny rate at $1.8006 which is the precise number that I calculated earlier, except I rounded it off to $1.8. So the bottom line, I do not know now whether the ex interest date is today, based on YF, or tomorrow. The WSJ dividend page has not shown anything yet. The ex interest date, today or tomorrow, is irrelevant to me since I plan to keep the security and I will be paid on 4/7.

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