Thursday, March 11, 2010


After a year of my usual tortoise implementation of this strategy, sort of like watching grass grow, I decided to get myself organized this morning. The above list contains the stocks that are currently held in taxable accounts as part of the Regional Bank Stocks strategy (see Disclaimer). Discussions about each of these purchases can be found linked in the foregoing linked post.

The above portfolio does not include the 100 shares of NYB bought in the regular IRA or the Wilmington Trust and CVBF shares previously sold at a profit. I also did not include the small brokerage charge. Many of these positions were recently acquired, with the first one bought last March 2009 when I started to implement this particular strategy.

The YF portfolio will give me recent news on all of those positions contained in this portfolio.

Now that I am more or less organized, at least on this one strategy, I am in a position to add more names and to increase my total exposure to $25,000 on an original cost basis.

I also gathered together all of my trade confirmations into one folder, along with my notes.

(neglected to add the 50 shares of PFBI bought at 7.95 since I had not yet copied the confirmation: /Bought 50 PFBI at 7.95 )

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