Thursday, June 6, 2013

Updated Stock Fund Table as of 6/6/2013

I finally got around to updating the table containing a listing of my stock funds. This table will include closed end funds, ETFs and mutual funds. I have not included any bond fund, but have listed balanced funds that have over a 50% weighting in stocks. The only controversial addition to this table is the "Permanent Portfolio" mutual fund which has less than a 50% weighting in stocks. As noted in the prior post on this subject, that fund is included in the following table because of the large weighing in gold and silver bullion, which scares the Old Geezer more than stocks.  

The last table was published in October 2012: 

Since that time, I have added starter positions in several mutual funds: Item # 5 Stocks, Bonds & Politics: Stock Funds Table 

Initiated Position in FMIHX FMI Large Cap

I will decide later when to add to those funds. I would prefer doing so only after a significant correction.

For ETFs and CEFs, I added some to a few existing positions and initiated other positions:

In order to capture all of the funds, I needed to take three snapshots.

Click to Enlarge:

The following are notable deletions or reductions from the last table:

Sometimes all of this trading works. Sometimes the result is less than optimal.

Snapshots of some of my large unrealized gain positions as of 6/6/13:

Vanguard Equity Income

Vanguard Star

Vanguard Health

This fund was purchased by exchanging out of the Vanguard Inflation Protected Bond fund  Exchanged VIPSX for VGHCX

Vanguard ETF High Dividend
Bought 50 of the Stock ETF VYM at $47.61

Adams Express

Permanent Portfolio

Matthews Mutual Funds MACSX and MAPTX
Gabelli Dividend
CBRE Global Real Estate
Royce Micro Cap
Janus Balanced Fund
SSEMX Emerging Markets

To arrive at a total return, it would be necessary to add the dividends paid by these funds to the unrealized gain in the shares, including those shares bought with those dividends.

SSEMX is one of the funds where I pared my position to just 100 shares in 2007. (see snapshots in Item # 5 Bought 100 APF at $14.55)

2007 SSEMX $411.47
I eliminated a number of other funds and ETFs in 2007 (see e.g. Vanguard ETF liquidation snapshot at Item # 3 Bought 50 of the Stock ETF VEU at $44; Snapshot in introduction LEXCX; Snapshot of MAPTX Pare in Item # 4 Bought 100 APF at $13.58; see generally Buy High & Sell Low /Retrospective on the Good & Bad (October 2008 Post).

2007 Liquidation Vanguard ETF Positions

2007 Liquidation LEXCX +$1,007.2
2007 Pare MAPTX $338.62
I have not previously discussed eliminating all of my Artisan mutual funds and the Rice Hall James Micro Cap Fund in 2007:

2007 Liquidation Artisan Funds (ARTIX, ARTLX, ARTQX) +$1,368.71
2007 Liquidation RJJSX !64+ Shares +$333.68
I also eliminated my position in the following:

2007 Liquidation TWSAX +$471.19
2007 Liquidation EGLRX +$2,038.11
2007 Liquidation VLEOX  $277.96
2007 Liquidation PSPFX +$620.86
2007 Liquidation GOISX +$98.01

2007 Liquidation PAXWX +$137.03

I also pared in BJBIX late in December 2006 and eliminated TASCX :

2006 BJBIX 50 Shares +$746.95
2006 Liquidation TASCX 178+ Shares +$533.52

My current primary loser is GGN. The other loser is ADRU with a $636 unrealized loss. I forgot to put that one in my last table. The discussed averaging down twice: ADDED TO ADRU at $18.91 (August 2009); and a brief mention in Item # 3 Bought ADRU at "around" $14.5 in April. My initial buy was at an inopportune time for adding a European stock ETF, a 100 share purchase at a total cost of $31.39 in 2008. The other two purchases are in the green by $271+. 

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