Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Strategic Hotels, one of the REITS that have eliminated its common dividend, did declare its preferred stock dividends. Strategic Hotels & Resorts Declares Fourth Quarter Preferred Stock Dividends: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance  The ex dividend date is today.  I am under water  in my very small position on BEEPRA, one of Strategic Hotel's cumulative preferred issues, knowing that it was a speculative position when I bought it.  
It is difficult for me to take a total pass on these 40 to 80% yielding speculative REIT cumulative preferred stocks.  GRTPRJ seems to be doing well since my purchase at 2.9.  As I have mentioned, I treat the REIT cumulative preferred stocks as a class.  Reit Preferred Stocks/BDNPRC/AUTO BAILOUT

After selling Valero and Alon, I wanted to put some of the proceeds back into stocks but  I did not have the time to research a specific stock today.  I am about to leave HQ.  Even if I have read all pertinent material on a common stock at some point in the recent past, and would generally be familiar with its earnings, business and prospects,  I will check it again before placing an order.  This can be a time consuming process that might take two hours.  Instead of doing that today, I just placed a limit order to buy a closed end fund investing in natural resource stocks at $12.5 and it was just filled when oil started to move down this morning after the inventory report.  The fund is called ING Risk Managed Natural Resource Fund (IRR). ING Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund - Overview  As of yesterday, it was selling at a 23.46% discount to its NAV.  It uses a collar strategy to hedge its portfolio of common stocks.  The dividend yield at this price is rich at around 13.5%, payable quarterly with the next ex dividend date around the 1st of January. 

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