Tuesday, December 16, 2008

W: The Best Shoe Dodging President in our History / Railroad Worker Disability

After eight years, it was good for me to find out that W could actually do something well.  I mean proficiency at dodging shoes may not seem to be a qualification for the Presidency but I can not think of anything else W has done during his two terms with such finesse and elan.  Yes, W is a master at dodging shoes.  I was only surprised that he did not throw his own shoes at the young man, with everyone in the room doing the same to each other, in something similar to the pie throwing commonly seen in comedic movies from the silent era. A report on CNN suggested that the young shoe thrower would not be charged with insulting Bush or the U.S., or for attempting an assault on W, but for throwing the shoe in the vicinity of Iraq's P.M.  It would be difficult to find anyone in the Arab world who disagrees with the sentiment expressed by the young man as he hurled his hurled his shoes at W who just looked amused by it.  I could even see what he was thinking by the expression in his face:  Missed me sucker!  It probably reminded W of the good ole days from his youth, all of those years before he turned 40 and had to sober up.  I am still wondering why the SUVs here in the SUV Capital of the World still have W stickers on the bumper.  

In case a reader of my posts is not familiar with how 97% of railroad employees can become disabled when they retire,  I would draw your attention to the excellent articles in the NYT. 
I would give these reporters the Pulitzer Prize for these articles (or a co-winner for the articles about the billions wasted on IRAQ reconstruction projects NYTimes.com).  The most recent article contained a fact that I did not know.  A large part of the disability payments come from social security without having to prove disability to the satisfaction of the social security administration.  Just another example, among tens of thousands, of the failure of our government to spend money wisely.   I find it humorous to read the complaints and criticisms about Caroline Kennedy's qualifications to be a U.S. Senator, as if the ones currently holding seats in the Congress are qualified.

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