Tuesday, December 30, 2008

correction of minor factual error re: BACPRE float provision

I said in an earlier post that the float provision in BACPRE and MERPRL were the same. I relied on my memory without checking it.Bary's Column In This Week's Barron's: Floating Rate Preferred Stocks METPRA GSPRA HBAPRF BACPRE MERPRL/ Gross interview Forbes  BACPRE can float .375% above 3 month LIBOR whereas the Merrill floats at 1/2% above 3 month LIBOR and both have the 4% guarantee.   Since readers of this post and my emails over the years know that I am a prolific user of words, it is someone hard to catch these mistakes buried as they are as needles in a vast haystack of verbiage.  

This is the link to the SEC Prospectus for BACPRE from November 2006:Bank of America Corporation

This is the link to the one from Merrill that I do not own which I think is the one discussed by Bary in his column:  Term Sheet

This difference is not material now since both issues are paying the minimum guarantee. 

For any original purchaser still holding on, they do not look so hot now even after their big rally this week. Both were sold to the public recently at $25. 

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