Friday, December 26, 2008

FCY: Odd lot limit order filled

I am about to leave HQ for the day, and just checked my order page. The 50 share buy of the Forest City senior bond was filled when the 9.95 bid was just hit.  In an honest appraisal of my own decisions to buy FCY and FCZ, I would have to characterize those decisions, taken together, to constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt of going off my rocker, hopefully temporarily, but I would hasten to add that my exposure is insignificant for me in my defense.  Maybe it would be far the best to take a vacation around the world, see some sights, come back in about a year, before I start doing some really stupid things.  In any event, I will blame my Head Trader for any loss on these recent buys.  It is always good to have someone handy and convenient to blame for mistakes.  

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