Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fleet Capital Trust Prospectuses LINK /Searching SEC Edgar Site for Trust Preferred Prospectuses

Update 7/27/09: I added 100 shares of FBFPRN in July 2009: Bought 100 FBFPRN/ Sold CXW/ (see Disclaimer)

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The prospectus links to the Fleet Capital Trust Preferred issues that I briefly mentioned in a prior post per a request received are as follows:

Fleet Capital Trust VIII, FBFPRM:

Fleet Capital Trust IX, FBFPRN:

Generally speaking for a question like maturity date, deferral rights, and other common questions, the prospectus will provide the answer and a bank Trust Preferred can be found at the SEC edgar web site by entering the name of the bank (sometimes part of the name) and then the phrase "Capital" or "Capital Trust" if that does not work. So for Fleet Trust Preferred, you would enter as the search term "Fleet Capital Trust" EDGAR Company Search If you wanted to look at one issued by KeyCorp, then enter the term KeyCorp Capital. I have all of these stored on my computer, including those that I do not own, probably about 98% of those stored prospectuses are for TPs not currently owned. For Citigroup, enter "citigroup capital". I don't think that works for BAC as I remember.

The prior discussion involved functional equivalence to BAC Trust Preferred issues.

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