Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sold PJZ and Bought Nestle Late Today/

I sold my 50 shares of the TC PJZ for $21.68 which were bought at $17.88 on 3/6/09. Buys of JWF KSA DIS and NYX/SOLD Entire Position in TFI/ Just a Day of Ignoring My Own Rules This would be a minor shift from a fixed rate coupon to a floater, having bought a GS floater in that account earlier in the day.  This asset re-positioning within the bond asset class is ongoing in anticipation of a return to an inflationary environment in a year or so.  PJZ just went ex interest and the payment for the semi-annual interest obligation was just made. I checked the price of the underlying bond which has a higher coupon than the TC.   I noticed when linking the post above that my JWF position has just about doubled in price since the purchase on 3/6.  The trader in me says sell, but I have locked in a 15% yield for the next 25 years plus another 7% annualized from the spread at my $9.15 cost.  I have already sold the 50 slightly higher cost shares to lock in a profit so JWF is a keeper just for the income it will throw off for 25 years.  Sometimes the trader animal spirit needs a good dousing of cold water.

I finished the re-deployment of the 30 grand raised by selling TFI and several short term bond positions by buying 70 shares in Nestle (NSRGY) at 33.88. This was part of my effort to create a personalized world consumer staples portfolio. I can only add more to that portfolio from cash flow due to my VIX asset allocation rule which must be satisfied to shift out of my static cash  allocation in place since 2007  back into stocks.   For the Nestle position, I would have been better off buying the entire position at once. SOLD NADX IN IRA/BOUGHT Kraft & NESTLE/ Bought Lottery Ticket in CBG at 2.39/ Drags: TALF, AXP and GE  The short term bond sales were completed just before the market took off in early March, except for the International Lease bond sales which occurred mid-month and the proceeds used to extend the stock purchases beyond the original plan.  The sales included a complete elimination of short term bond positions in Caterpillar, GE, and Hartford Financial,  and a reduction in exposure to International Lease Finance.  Of those,  the Hartford and International Lease bonds were sold primarily to raise cash for the stock investments and secondarily due to a concern about credit quality. 

The re-allocation to stocks was precipitated by a coup d'etat here at HQ by Right Brain who wanted to increase exposure to stocks when the DJIA fell to 6500, without having to dip into the headknocker's  static cash allocation and the short term bonds were the logical place to raise capital.  This was a purposeful shift out of the staid short term bond positions into stocks, which shift started in earnest on 3/3 when RB went on a two week frolic and detour barely tolerated by LB.  This is the link to some of my short term bond sales which were timed well as was the shift into stocks:

I do own shares in Google but have not had time yet to look at their earnings release which reportedly beat estimates.  MarketWatch 
Contrary to the belief of some, I have other things to do besides write this blog and research stocks and bonds. 

 LB wants to go back to the picture for the profile that shows its essence. 

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