Friday, April 24, 2009

Sold 50 MSFT & Bought CPB at 25.35/ UCBH & WL earnings

LB is still in the risk management mode for a bear market, not convinced yet that the current rally is the start of a long term secular bull market.Long Term Stock Risks and Situational Risk/Managing Lost Opportunity Risk in a Long Term Secular Bull and Bear Markets/ Novartis or Sanofi Bungee Jumping Aegon and ING Preferred Stocks/ BlackJack and Stock Investing: Lessons Learned & Applied Alcoa/Kroger/Characterizing a Market as Part of a Long Term Secular Bull or Bear: Impact on Stock and other Asset Allocations/LB was thinking today about hedging some of the risk that RB brought into the portfolio last month's buying binge by adding a double short ETF which caused RB to have a fit. The argument has been going on all day today.

Being in a risk reduction mode trading strategy for a bear market still, I sold 50 shares of the higher cost Microsoft shares at $20.35 and will keep the lower cost shares purchased at $17.79. In the event Microsoft slides below $17.5 again, I will consider buying back those shares. This is what I call managing the risk of lost opportunity during a secular bear market. If this turns out to be the start of a bull, then all that I have lost is the opportunity to make more money than I did on those 50 shares sold today.

I bought more Campbell Soup shares today at $25.35:

The other shares were bought at a slightly higher price. Buys of CPB LQD SYY XKK/Regressive Taxation-Cap & Trade/ There is an ongoing shift by large investors out of stocks perceived to be safer, like consumer staples and utilities, and into more economically sensitive names, so I moved slightly in the opposite direction with CPB. This is part of my effort to customize a world consumer product ETF with a few pharmaceutical names thrown into the mix such as Novartis and Sanofi. BOUGHT NVS AND SOLD GJOBOUGHT SNY/ SOLD 1/2 JZV: Risk Management/CEO Compensation/ING Finalizes Deal With Dutch Government/American General Finance/Freedom from Regulations and Irresponsibility/ Sold KXI and Bought GIS
CPB sunk further after my buy and hit a new 52 week low.

Both of these transactions were done with limit order before leaving HQ this morning.

I received some mixed earnings results from two bank lottery ticket purchases.Wilmington Trust (WL) is up over 30% so far today, based on a better than expected report. Yahoo! Finance I am now up about 50%. Sold 1/2 KO at 44.2: Risk Reduction/BOUGHT 30 WL=Lottery Ticket/Bernanke on AIG/Disney Downgrade by GS For these small lottery ticket purchases, it does not matter much what I do with them ( though as a group they are starting to impact my portfolio a little with several of them increasing 100%+ in the last month). For Wilmington, I may just hold to see if I can run it to more than a two bagger, which would mean a sale at over 30. The other one, an extremely timid 50 share purchase of UCBH at a buck and change, is not faring as well and for good reason. Yahoo! Finance UCBH took a loan loss provision of 178.5 million and it is a relatively small bank. On a very dim bright side, management did say in the earnings release that the residential real estate market is showing some signs of stabilization and there was strong demand for new mortgage loans related to home purchases. The Tier 1 risk based capital ratio was 12.18% as of 3/31. The tangible equity ratio was 3.48%. Patience is the operative word with UCBH. Over the weekend, I will decide whether or not to add more shares.

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