Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Mention of FeedJit Widget

I thought that I would mention one last time the presence of the FEEDJIT widget that I installed a few days ago. Feedjit Widget Added to Blog yesterday/Pakistan as a Failed State with Nuclear Weapons/Meban Faber Mention in Barron's/ It is fascinating to me that with no effort whatsoever to promote the blog I am picking up readers from around the world.   I have used the FeedJit widget solely to write blogs on topics that may be of interest to readers judging by the posts that are being read.  Three blogs have been written for that reason since the widget was installed over the weekend. 
 If anyone does not want the information to show up, then click options in the FeedJit area and then click exclude my browser.  I am using the free version of this widget.  You will need to keep the cookie created for as long as you want it to ignore your visit. 

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