Friday, October 24, 2014

Google Just Deleted My Monthly Update for the Basket Strategies-THERE WILL BE NO UPDATE THIS MONTH

I attempted a moment ago to open for editing my monthly update for the Lottery Ticket, Regional Bank and REIT Baskets. I clicked the link, as I have have always done, and Google deleted the blog rather than opening it.  Within one second after clicking the link to open the draft, Google simultaneously deleted it and then saved a blank post in its place: 

Snapshot of What Was Left Within One Second After Clicking to Open-Nothing But White Space

There will consequently be no update this month for those basket strategies. 

Given the extreme level of dysfunction now present with Google's Blogger site, I am partly to blame for failing to save my work product on my computer. 

I am consequently posting more at the SeekingAlpha Instablog website. South Gent's Instablog | Seeking Alpha

Google is still unable to connect readers to my blog using the correct URL. I have quit using the blog URL to gain access. 

Instead I will use a link to a particular or a link to the most current month's archive: Stocks, Bonds & Politics: October 2014

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