Sunday, October 19, 2014

New SA Instablog Published

I just published my 4th Instablog at SeekingAlpha:  

I am starting to have even more problems with Google's Blogger website. It is just astounding to me. It does no good whatsoever to point out the problems to Google in an email. I gave up on that course about a month ago. 

I am going to a different publication schedule here.

I will publish a blog here whenever I am more or less finished writing it. 

Google lost my last weekly blog after I scheduled it for publication on Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M.  

That was done last Friday. 

When I attempted to open that blog to add a small development in the "Recent Development" section, the blog post disappeared as if it never existed, thereby destroying several hours of labor. 

Consequently, I am not going to take a chance that this happens again, or at least cut down on Google's opportunities to lose an entire blog.   

I received an email today from a reader who wished to know whether I had changed my blog URL. 

The blog URL is the same: 

Unfortunately, Google is frequently unable to find that URL. 

Instead, after a delay, a message pops up saying the site is unavailable. 

It is available. 

By clicking "Blogger Help" in that message, the reader will be taken to my blog and will be shown a message that the "page", meaning my blog URL, does not exist. 

Yes, it does exist. 

Google which owns the website can not find it though. 

The reader can nonetheless navigate the blog now and find the latest blog posts under the "Blog Archive" section to the right.   

I have quit using the blog URL myself. Instead, a reader can bookmark a particular blog or the current month by clicking that link in the "Blog Archive" section and then bookmarking that link: 

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