Monday, October 27, 2014

SA Instablog Published on BDGE's Third Quarter Report

After reviewing Bridge Bancorp's third quarter report this morning, I decided to publish an SA Instablog discussing the positive metrics in this report. 

That blog is similar to the earlier one discussing WTBA:

I am focusing on what I like to see in these reports. 

Without checking, I think there is just one bank in my regional bank basket, the ultra conservative and cautious Merchant's Bancshares (MBVT) who has or will report lower NPL and NPA ratios:

I had discussed that report in the regional bank update that was deleted by Google's out-of-control blogger software when I attempted to open the draft blog.

The is an excerpt of MBVT's NPL and NPA ratios as of 9/30/14. An investor is unlikely to find another publicly traded bank with lower numbers. 

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