Monday, January 5, 2009

Canadian energy companies:

An inquiry came into the email system about the canadian energy trusts currently owned and my position is still underweighted in these trusts.  After bringing PWE up to 100, and taking into account recent adds some of which have been discussed, I own 100 HTE, 200 PVX, 100 PWE, 100 AAV and 110 ERF.   My limit on those stocks has been reached except for ERF which I will allow myself to go to no more than 150 and PVX which has a 500 share limit.  As I mentioned in the last post, I may also add ENY, a ETF, that contains the energy trusts as well as the regular canadian corporations engaged in energy production and exploration.  I would limit myself to 100 of ENY, and then I would be at a full position for canadian energy companies.  My posts on this subject are linked as follows:
This was also discussed several times in my emails for further reference.  I do not intend to reinvest the dividends for any of these companies. I will just group their cash flow along with everything else that comes into the main account for re-distribution to other securities. 

Today, I am having a very good day, probably up close to 4%.  I need days like today to separate me from the S & P 500.  So far, 2009 is starting off on a positive note for those of us who do some thinking outside the box.  I did place a  day limit order to sell one of my least desired TCs which is enjoying a substantial rally today.  I probably should not try to clip a few dollars after close to a 20% daily move, but I am in no hurry to sell any of my bonds.  I just wish the market would have given me more time to do all of my TBT hedge.  I needed four to six months to fully implement that plan. 

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