Saturday, January 31, 2009

The GOP is Limbaugh and Limbaugh is the GOP

Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are the heart and soul of the Republican Party.  No GOP representative could say even the slightest critical word about any of these individuals without having to assume a subservient position.CBS News
The FixRepresentative Phil Gingrey of Georgia recently learned this obvious fact after saying that it was easy for talk show hosts to stand back and throw bricks.  The outrage at his audacity was so palpable from Gingrey's fellow tribe members that the poor republican had to appear on four talk shows including Rush's to apologize profusely for aiming even a slight critique at such eminences and pillars of what passes for conservative thought in our society.  This is a link to the congressman's sensible comments:  And this is a link of the congressman groveling to his true
Since I am a conservative, I would just like to say to Representative Gingrey that there was no need for you to apologize to me but I understand your need to grovel to Limbaugh and other extremists that dominate the ranks of your party.  They are certainly a boisterous group, full of vinegar and venom, usually profane, proud of being inarticulate, rarely possessing a question or a doubt, lacking in curiosity and a fervent disdain for knowledge, intellegence or information acquired outside of accepted and approved channels, unable to see issues in any degree of complexity, and capable of thinking only in cliches.   I do believe more people are coming to the view that the GOP is in fact a party dominated by extremists and wingnuts of every know flavor and variety, and there is no longer a real conservative party to act as a counterweight to the extravagances of the Democratic party.  

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