Saturday, January 24, 2009

Old Age Infirmities: Why is a Company called Ariad Pharmaceuticals in my Portfolio

I did beat the young left brainer in chess one time, the one shown in the picture displayed from an earlier post todayMore on GE/Merrill Lynch Bonuses/Barron's Roundtable/More on AEB/add of TGB in IRA/tax law changes: property taxes, when he was 13.  It is untrue and a malicious lie that he was only 5.   I would hasten to add, however, in the fullest of candor, that I was playing with a handicap.  My young opponent volunteered to ditch his queen and a knight, sometimes a queen, bishop, and a knight, taking great pleasure in beating me with the largest handicap that could legitimately be justified by my age infirmities.  Yes, this old left brainer won one time with his handicap.  I remember it vividly and gloated with enormous glee. 

So my fall back position, on why I have to have a handicap when playing a youngster in chess, is old age infirmities, premature senility or worse.  It is not because he is smarter (and I am most assuredly wiser), but only due to the death of a few hundred million of my brain cells and none of them due to drink.  Though, lately, I have been contemplating taking up drink. 

While on the subject of old age infirmities, it is sad when you grow old and start looking at your portfolio wondering who on earth bought that stock, and what exactly was happening in that mush of a brain when the decision was made to make the plunge.  It is as if some mischievous sort gained access to my account and bought the stock, since I  certainly had no memory of it. I use to blame one of my dogs for strange happenings around the house, but Honey Girl while mischievous is dearly departed. Besides, it would not be credible for me to blame a dachshund for stock decisions anyway, even one widely known to be a creator of trouble. 


The most recent stock found hiding in my portfolio, and I have no memory of why it is there, is called Ariad Pharmaceuticals. (ARIA) ARIA: Summary for ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Yahoo! FinanceSome person bought a 100 shares at around 2 during the summer.  Now, I have seen it buried in the 300 or so positions in my main account but just ignored it until today.  So now, I am going to look at it again to see if I can determine why it found a home in my account.  I will then summarize whatever I find in this blog for my future reference.  Otherwise, in five months or so, I will be looking at my portfolio and saying where did that one come from.

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