Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Sam contends that there were two grandfathers at the Battle of Franklin in November 1864. I haven't seen Sam's documents on that subject but I am sure that he is accurate being an ex Colonel and all.  Of course, none of them were wearing blue back then.  Probably, they were not wearing much of anything that cold day in November as we do know for certain that G.W.'s feet were bleeding and frost bitten that day.   Another great great grandfather was at the Battle of Murfreesboro, as aide-de-camp to General Raines, also not wearing a blue uniform, when a bullet whizzed by him directly into the poor General's heart, who was a known opponent of slavery and succession, and he was dead before he hit the ground.  All of those direct lineal ancestors survived many battles during that war, fortunately for me in an existential sense. There had to be many close calls and G.W. could have easily been one of Hood's victims in that General's drug induced decision making process at Franklin.  All had to survive for moi to be writing this post.  If I was taking a bet on that in 1861, it would have been a long shot to say the least, maybe 100 to 1. The one who just missed meeting his maker at Murfreesboro in 1862, for example,  became a doctor in Dickson.  He later fathered after the Civil War the lady who married the doctor whose picture is shown on my blog just for late today, who would be a mere great grandfather,  both of whom are buried in a family cemetery in Hickman county along with many relatives from that generation.  How many know where to find the grave of a great great grandfather, I wonder or who they even were?

I did do the chicken buy of 30 PGN in a Roth IRA, filled at 38.07 near the close.  My plan is simply to add another 40 if it deteriorates further to around 36 or so in the taxable account, whenever that might occur during the next two months. 

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