Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sliman: Needs to Read the Applicable provisions in each one/ Links included

Added 2/17/2010: My most recent discussion of the Aegon hybrids can be found in Aegon Hybrids: Gateway Post written on 12/6/2009:

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Everyone needs to learn to do their own grunt work. I can help individuals get started but research beyond what I already provide is necessary for all readers. Everyone needs to do their own research and make up their own mind. It is easy to find a prospectus for an issue by simply pulling up a chart, see when it started to trade, go to the SEC web site, and start your search with that date and move back until you find it. I may need to check these links tomorrow to make sure that I have the right link with the correct symbol.

For those deep into this area, most securities in the same category (e.g. perpetual preferred stocks) coming from the same company at close to the same time will generally have the same boilerplate provisions and will vary in the provisions applicable to the issue only in the coupon.

Trust preferred stocks issued by a bank would also frequently have different maturity dates and sometimes may vary another material provision.

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