Friday, October 10, 2008

CD rates falling

I like doing business with internet banks so maybe I am not an old fogy after all. I do not have to leave the trading desk here at HQ to buy some from one of the banks. I mentioned in my post from October 8th, titled "Trust Certificates PJL and XFL: Verizon Bond" that I had staggered three CD maturities in the 6 month to 14 month range. Actually that was an error, one of them was for 24 months, not 14, months at 4.5%. I noticed this morning that rates had fallen about a 1/4 point from those prevalent two days ago and the savings account rate had just been reduced. So I transferred some funds from savings to lock in 4% for 12 months. You can schedule interest payments on a monthly basis and feed those into a linked bank account or back into another account, like a savings account, at the same online bank. Maybe I will go ahead and pay my property taxes for 2009 and get that expense out of the way. The market is down almost 400 points today. My gut tells me that we will be fortunate to recover from this meltdown in five years.

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