Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sarah told reporters, in one of the few occasions that she has talked to them, that the Troopergate report revealed "no unlawful or unethical activity on my part".  Wow!  She lies even when everyone knows she is lying.  The report found that she had abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) and violated the state's ethics laws in using her office to settle a score with her ex brother-in-law. PolitiFact | Report finds Palin violated ethics laws  She also claimed the report was a "partisan smear" even though it was approved unanimously by a 12 member  legislative panel controlled by members of her own party and that panel approved a report prepared by an independent prosecutor. We know that the media is liberal because it points out the falsity of her statement made to the press.  

I heard one of her supporters at a rally say that the "liberal" media was out to get the "conservatives", and all the "conservatives" at her rally no longer paid any attention to the "mainstream" media which is code for any  media outlet other than right wing ideologues like Rush Limbaugh who call themselves conservative.  As I said, whenever the media points out some problem with Sarah, as noted above, her True Believers view it as an "attack", not only on her, but also on the True Believer.  It is taken personally. This is a unique characteristic of these people.  

Obama supporters can hear a criticism of the Beanpole and just shrug their shoulders, and frequently even agree with it. It would not occur to them to cease reading the New York Times just because of a critical article about Obama.  Sarah's True Believers would avoid any media outlet that raises a true fact that calls into question one of their beliefs, which beliefs are rigid and  take on the form of some kind of absolute truth similar to a religious canon even though the beliefs are on matters that have nothing to do with religion. Any fact inconsistent with the belief is considered to be untrue and motivated by a desire to hurt the "conservatives" rather than a desire to report the facts as they are, not as you wish them to be.  

Sarah will not talk to reporters traveling with her most of the time. She did call Rush Limbaugh the other day for a friendly interview with her fellow extremist who both blame the media for painting a false picture of Obama and trying to shut Sarah up, as if she is trying to talk to reporters.  Rush Interviews Governor Sarah Palin 

  The general thrust is that Obama would be at 30% if the Liberal Mainstream media would just tell the truth like Sarah tells the truth. ("RUSH:  I don't mean to always harp on the media here because everybody does this, but this is a true observation here. If it weren't for the media covering up for Obama and presenting him as a person he's not, he would be at 30% in the polls") Sarah is one heck of a truth teller according to the Bloviator.   With Rush, Sarah does not have to fear any facts being thrown at her to contradict any of her claims, nor does she need to be concerned about a tough question.  She repeated her claims that have been debunked as false by the "liberal" fact checkers like Politifact. I do have a criticism myself of the mainstream media. Why do they call Palin, Limbaugh and Ann Coulter conservative, why not say alleged conservative or purported conservative or just say what they really are rather than trying to insult True Conservatives by calling them what they claim to be for the purposes of marketing. 

The Fed Beige Book was released this afternoon and it confirmed an abrupt  and sharp slowdown in September.   The report confirmed bank's were tightening credit.  Consumer spending was down in most areas, construction remained weak,  and labor conditions deteriorated. Beige Book paints picture of sharp slowdown in September - MarketWatch  The index measuring manufacturing activity in the New York region fell to its lowest level since the index was started in 2001, a reading of minus 24.6. Stocks Slide Amid New Trouble Signs -  

All of the data coming in now is confirming the same picture.  The United States has entered into a recession,  probably a severe one lasting up to a year.  Unemployment is generally a lagging event and I would expect it to rise from the current 6% to over 8% over the course of the next year. 

The heads of the major financial institutions (call them the heads of the five families)   were called to a meeting with Paulson (Don Corleone) and given an offer that could not refuse.  Don Corleone said sign this piece of paper and the heads of all five families signed with hardly a murmur.Drama Behind a $250 Billion Banking Deal -  The deal provides for the issuance of preferred stock paying only 5% for the first five years and then 9% after five years.   The government also gets warrants to purchase common stock equivalent to 15% of its initial investment. 

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