Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nickson and Young

I am not sure why Nickson was started today after Adams played so well against Auburn after Nickson was hurt.  Nickson is simply not an effective passer and I believed he  lost his confidence last year and never has regained it.   For 3 quarters the total offensive production was around 50 yards. Mississippi State knew he could not pass and just bunched up the line to stop the run.  Nickson was like 3 for 10 for 15 yards.  With that kind of effort, stopping the run is close to a sure thing.  He threw an interception at the start of the fourth quarter that led to a touchdown.  No Vandy receiver was near the ball but it was thrown right into the chest of the  guy from MS.  It reminded me of the last pass that Vince Young made before his injury, right to a defensive lineman about five yards in front of him and in plain view.  That was it for Nickson.  Adams was brought in and led the team on a scoring drive by mixing up the passing and running game effectively, like he did against Auburn.  This loss has to be laid squarely on the shoulder of Johnson.  The only other Vandy score was not due to Nickson and the offense but a punt that backed M.S. up, a defensive stop deep in their territory and then an errant punt.  Tennessee lost and could easily lose the next three games (Alabama, S.C and Miss ST).  

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