Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vanderbilt 7 to 3 Half/IMF SAYS ON BRINK OF A MELTDOWN

For those of us who witnessed the last winning season for Vanderbilt in 1982, and the many embarrassments from a game against Bear Bryant's Alabama in the 1960s when I still swear that Bear put in the Alabama band to keep their score under 70  and the game when Watson Brown in the fifth year or so of a four year plan got demolished by SMU in their first year after  the expiration of a lengthy NCAA death sentence, playing mostly with non-scholarship  players and drunk fraternity brothers, it is conceivable that they will go 6-0 today with a little luck against an offensive challenged Mississippi State team.  Vandy did go 5-0 in 1943 but who knows when the first 6-0 start was. (answer: 1928)

The IMF just chimed in saying the world was on the verge of financial meltdown in need of immediate action. MarketWatch Is that news?

You still have unusually high yields on tax free money market funds.  The  7 day yield is 5% for the Vanguard fund.

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