Tuesday, October 7, 2008


As one would expect, Sarah is stirring up her fellow travelers by referring to the "liberal" media and the New York Times which routinely causes her crowd to boo and hiss at the very mention of the media.  Her crowds are openly hostile to the media, fervently antagonistic to a free media that points out her shortcomings which are legion, and have even hurled racial slurs at an African American member of the press attending her rally in Florida.CNN.com  It is the media's fault that Sarah mangles words  into incoherent gibberish as she has repeatedly did during her interview with Katie. CBS News Newsweek Voices - Fareed Zakaria | Newsweek.com

The venom spewed by those who call themselves conservatives at the free press is to be expected.   The general goal is to discredit any media outlet that questions their versions of reality including the make believe reality of Sarah as a "maverick" or a "reformer"  Sarah does have a history of seeking to ban  or remove books from a library that she found offensive but had not read.  The Wall Street Journal has ran two stories that discredited her claim to have stopped the bridge to nowhere and her claims about opposing earmarks. Several stories have run in the "mainstream" media showing that she has not devoted much attention to her job as Governor, with local officials of both parties claiming that they are unable to reach her and state legislators starting wearing buttons "where's Sarah"   NYTimes.com 

Sarah certainly does not want anyone to actually read the preceding story in the New York Times and determine for themselves whether the statements of fact contained therein are true. 

It is  also unpardonable that the media would run stories comparing her statement on global warming before being picked, where she said man had nothing to do with it, with her statements made after being chosen by McCain.  PolitiFact | Earlier, she didn't "attribute it to being man-made"  I know that as a journalism major from the University of Idaho, who took almost 6 years to graduate after attending four colleges and making a D in economics,Political Radar: Gov. Palin on Wall Street may wish to rail against "elites" who point out the facts about her and her career that are inconsistent with the image created by the Repubulican spinmeisters.  But, maybe she could at least pretend that she is not so hostile to the conservative values embodied in the Bill of Rights rather than stirring up so many millions to trash the free press.  Maybe Sarah is channeling the spirit of the departed Spiro Agnew.   Spiro Agnew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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