Monday, May 4, 2009

Modification of Trading Rule in Unstable Vix Pattern: Dynamic Asset Allocation/

I had to leave HQ this morning, having other responsibilities today, and I arrived back 15 minutes prior to the close, saw that I could buy the GJT previously sold in the taxable account in the IRA after a slide in price on light volume.  This floating rate security is viewed primarily as an inflation hedge as previously discussed.  I have now successfully transitioned that synthetic floater to a retirement account.   GJT was discussed in prior posts, along with the reasons behind transferring the position from a taxable account to a retirement account.  So now I own just 100 GJT in an IRA . 

For the both the ING and Aegon Preferred issues that I own, I am neither a buyer nor a seller at the current levels.  I am satisfied with my entry points and willing to let it ride now given the dividend yields at my cost. 

For an investor who is long stocks, the VIX is one index that you want to see fall below its 50 day and 200 day moving averages. 
The basic contours of the Vix Asset Allocation Model were formulated in about ten minutes after looking at the chart for the first time in 2007.  It was viewed as obvious, something that just jumped off the page, though I know of no one else talking about it.  It may or may not work in the future.  LB is a practical nerd so he will abandon any model that ceases to work, and can not be modified or adjusted to make it work without violating its core principles.  I do not see now any reason to change the basic rules on the use of this model as an aid to allocation decisions.  The model is working. It would have worked if I had it from 1986 to today for the purpose it was designed to accomplish.  There will always be a lag on the signal for the next bull market due to the preservation of capital requirement inserted by the nerd that requires a 3 month period of the VIX below 20 before stamping it as a Stable Vix Pattern.  There is a change underway, however, in what can be done now after the VIX fell below its 50 day and 200 day moving averages. CBOE VOLATILITY INDEX Index Chart - Yahoo! Finance   Alteration of rules regarding permissible trading has been a work in progress since the model was first formulated and applied in real time in 2007.  This made RB happy until LB said the trading rule change does not impact the amount of the cash allocation, but a reallocation between other asset classes, a process started in February with a reduction in short term bonds by 30 grand and using all of those proceeds to buy stocks.  This is part of what I have repeatedly called Dynamic Asset Allocation. 

For anyone reading this post, and not having a clue about what I am talking about, I will just link one to get you started in the event this is interesting.   VIX Chart from 2007: Alerts and Triggers Major Disruption of Cyclical Stable Bull VIX Pattern

I saw that a couple of lottery tickets are up a lot, and I have not had a close look to determine the cause.  RB just said quite thinking about the small stuff.  One of them was East West Bank (EWBC) that reported earnings and was up 21% today. East West Bancorp Reports First Quarter 2009 Results

My lottery tickets have never done this well and this may be their high water mark.
GJT prospectus:



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