Sunday, May 3, 2009


I thought that I would link some videos of Andy, a confirmed RB, singing live. He also wrote these songs:
The Group has three lead vocalists. The other two do harmony in The Way I See You Know. Travis wrote and is the lead singer on Bound for Tennessee. Jeremy, the fiddle player, sings lead vocals on such songs as Three Days in July. That later song brought back to RB a story about an ancestor who had the misfortune of being on the confederate side at the Battle of Franklin in 1864, wearing no shoes. Second Battle of Franklin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fortunately, he managed to survive that day. Otherwise, headknocker would not be writing this blog today.

He also wrote this instrumental called Blackrock:YouTube - The Infamous Stringdusters - "Black Rock"

Travis sings his song, Won't Be Coming Back, live: YouTube - The Infamous Stringdusters-June 13, 2008

The boys enjoyed their tour of Europe.

Can you detect the true subject matter of this song: Get it While You CanYouTube - Get It While You Can

The albums are available on ITUNES and from the group, more financially rewarding for them to buy it directly from them:

This has become a Gateway Post, sort of an Ad for RB musicians. The colors in this post do not mean anything, just highlighting.

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