Saturday, May 2, 2009

QuantumOnline: For Compilation of Data Relating To Preferred Stocks

This has been a long day for an old codger.  I found late today a free website, which does require a registration to use it, that has the best compilation of equity preferred, trust preferred and other income securities that I  buy regularly, and they perform a very useful service in identifying those that pay qualified dividends to a U.S. investor and to provide links to prospectuses and other useful information. Home Page

Today ended on a bad note however. After visiting the Quantum Online site and liking it, I checked my main account, and for some reason pulled up the cost information of the only cumulative preferred stock that I have ever owned that has deferred its dividend, BEEPRA.  One dividend has been deferred.  I looked at the cost basis and lo and behold it had been adjusted down by the amount of the dividend. Okay, I do not understand that right now, and I really do not really want to learn about it.  Now, I am going to have to learn about it, since that presents a few different issues if that is the appropriate way to account for a deferral.  I do not like these esoteric tax issues one bit.  And on that point RB and LB on in a rare full agreement.

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