Saturday, May 2, 2009

Way to View Blog Offline and to navigate to the Web from it

For a person who is not much of an investor in technology stocks, and barely proficient in the inventions of the past ten years, I just discovered something on my IMAC that is just fascinating to me, a new way for me and any reader to find information in the blog while offline.  I do not know whether this will work on Windows and what role my printing software from HP has in it.  I had previously saved the blog in PDF format.   I do this regularly for original source material by clicking print, then there is a button on the left side that says "pdf" , click that one, and then click Save as PDF.  I have been doing that for years.  I had been archiving monthly for the blog but not attempting to use it in anyway.  I pulled the April blog entries up this evening, and it appears in  Apple's Preview, all 148 pages.  I then entered a search term like JZE, and it identified every page that term could be found, and highlighted them for me.  Then, the next part was amazing for this old geezer. If I clicked on any link, I went to the web page.  Putting the cursor over the link told me the address of the link.   

LB is always skeptical about the vision thing or whatever that comes from RB.  It is like, out of nowhere, and for no apparent reason, it says buy something.  Now, RB has never read a prospectus or an annual report,  or looked at any detail just to keep the list shorter of things that it does not do, as you would expect "don't sweat the details" is its motto, and it claims to be asleep when LB performs the nuts and bolt work here at HQ, always saying that it can't focus on the details anyway, that is LB's job, at least when it is not developing more stinking rules, and exceptions to rules and exceptions to exceptions, contingent and dependent rules, a Plague of Rules.  The bible must have a passage somewhere about the Plague of Rules,  and RB continues to search for the pertinent discussion.   RB thinks that there is a possibility that LB might lighten up some if it could find a passage in the good book where Jesus said "Let There Be No Rules".  

I do NOT own the two new volatility ETNs, symbols VXX and VXZ.   I am attempting to assess their use as a hedge against risk. 


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